MyRig Inc., formerly BitmainWarranty, has provided hosting, retail of miners and accessories, PCB design and manufacturing, software engineering, and factory approved warranty and repair services since 2013. MyRig has built up an extensive worldwide infrastructure, and manages mining several mining operations for their customers and as a result have developed a range of fully managed solutions including new datacenter builds.

We’ve been excited by the news of the next generation of Bitcoin miners by Halong Mining because it was always a goal to carry a variety of different mining products at MyRig. We have chosen to carry the DragonMint miner because, after extensive research, testing and teardown, we have been very surprised at the amount of innovation in the miner. Even though the product may superficially look similar to other existing products, the detail is quite novel from the chip design to the hash board itself. The miner also delivers very satisfying efficiency gains and appears to exhibit great thermodynamic tolerance, thus making it a good product in mass hosting environments. The DragonMint is compatible with existing datacenter setups and will work well alongside existing mining products in the market.

Bringing a new mining product to market is extremely onerous. Having a good product is not enough, because the logistic of mass production, delivery and aftersales warranty are formidable for any new company. MyRig already has a proven track record, and many years’ experience in these areas, and is delighted to partner with Halong Mining to provide this infrastructure.

We believe that mining should be more accessible to the domestic consumer market as well as home hobbyists. So MyRig will sell the DragonMint direct to the consumer through its international logistics channels.

This is a collaborative effort between Halong Mining and MyRig to bring the DragonMint successfully to market.

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